Friday, March 5, 2010

3 Best SEO Extension for Chrome

If you’re a webmaster, information about your site in search engine “eyes” should be very useful.  This list is mainly comprises of SEO Tools for Webmasters which would help them analyze a website in detail with regards to various parameters. One more feature of the extensions listed here is the fact that these extensions are not just one-dimensional, but these extensions are “Complete SEO Tools” showing a combination of parameters and value.
Best 3 Complete SEO Extensions
1. Chrome SEO

chrome seo extension

How to check if a torrent worth to download?

There’s many complaint for the first time downloader, when download a file using P2P sharing. And that’s what I experienced too. Torrent file need longer time to download. That’s true, but one big advantage is : Download almost any file type available, and usually with a huge size. I can’t imagine downloading a 1GB file from a site server (and never do that). Shortly speaking, Torrent download is suitable for very big  or very rare files.
But not all of torrent you can download and you got files you need. There’s something you should consider before downloading a torrent. I’ll give you step by step illustration.

Step-by-step downloading torrent file

I assume that you have installed torrent client on your computer. It’s up to you. you can use Bit-torrent (as I use it now), mu-torrent, LimeWire etc. I’ve write it in 20-best-p2p-sharing-torrent-client. Any torrent client is similar, only slightly different
Now, search your torrent using your favorite torrent site. I will use thepiratebay, my favorite torrent site. For example, I search : Microsoft Excel
search torrent in piratebay

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top 10 Torrent Search Engine

Actually, any search engine can search torrent file. Just adding “.torrent” behind your search term, and voila… you got the torrent file related to it. But if you have no  ideas about what to search, here’s some list to be browse.
There are numerous torrent search engines where you can find whatever you want. However some of them are crawling with annoying adverts and so on. Also be aware of fake torrents - they are not very exceptional. Read comments under torrents, someone may have already downloaded it and posted whether it is good or bad torrent.
Here’s the top 10 Torrent search engine:

20 Best P2P Sharing (Torrent Client)

Traditional Downloading of programs and application from a website has become outdated as well as there are not many website providing free software for download. Another medium for downloading and sharing of files is peer to peer file sharing Networks & Programs and it has grown to tremendous level with many networks having more then millions of users to share software’s, Music files, Videos and Programs etc.

With increase in popularity of Peer to Peer (P2P) network it has become one of medium for spreading of Viruses, Spyware, Ad ware, Malware thru this file sharing applications. Users are seeking for clean, Safe, Fastest and Best p2p file sharing applications.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Torrent Limitation

Content unavailability

Although swarming scales well to tolerate flash crowds for popular content, it is less useful for unpopular content. Peers arriving after the initial rush might find the content unavailable and need to wait for the arrival of a seed in order to complete their downloads. The seed arrival, in turn, may take long to happen, since maintaining seeds for unpopular content entails high bandwidth and administrative costs, which runs counter to the goals of publishers that value BitTorrent as a cheap alternative to a client-server approach. A strategy adopted by many publishers which significantly increases availability of unpopular content consists of bundling multiple files in a single swarm.

Lack of anonymity

BitTorrent does not offer its users anonymity. It is possible to obtain the IP addresses of all current, and possibly previous, participants in a swarm from the tracker. This may expose users with insecure systems to attacks.[9] It may also expose users to the risk of being sued, if they are distributing files without permission from the copyright holder(s). However, there are ways to promote anonymity; for example, theOneSwarm project layers privacy-preserving sharing mechanisms on top of the original BitTorrent protocol.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Computer Terminology

When you dealing with computer, you should know the terminologies often used.  I’ve compiled some terminologies completed with  illustration if possible to make this clearer.

BIOS (basic input/output system) A collection  of software codes built into a PC that handle  some of the fundamental tasks of sending data from  one part of the computer to another.

BIOS CMOS Setup Utility

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is Torrent File Sharing?

Torrent is a small file, which is only about a few kilobytes just with the extension. Torrent. This file contains the information needed to download a particular file. The information contained in the torrent file includes the file name, size, where the download and so on. By using search engines, or a list that I post it on my other blog, you can retrieve files you need. The good news, as I write this blog, from the 10 list I made, there are still 8 torrent link that provides free of charge.

Thus, should remember that when you download a torrent file, you do not actually download the files you need. The next step that needs to be done is, you must have a torrent downloader program, or what is often called a client.

Many existing client programs on the Internet that can be downloaded for free, such as bittorrent and utorrent (miu torrent).

Before you go any further, let us know the first few terms in the torrent for the next explanation can be understood well.